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The Cannery

This project involved the transformation of the historic Del Monte fruit cannery on San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf into a retail center and marketplace unified by pedestrian bridges and arcades. At the time, the design was an innovation for which no models existed.
The project posed challenging design and engineering problems. EHDD needed to preserve the building’s exterior while completely reconstructing the interior to provide three levels of shopping arrayed around two interior courtyards. Circulation patterns, design features, and views were designed to encourage shoppers to explore the upper levels. The engineering focused on meeting stringent seismic requirements, particularly for lateral loading. A variety of innovative construction techniques were employed to ensure that the structure would remain standing during the reconstruction process.
Immediately upon its opening, the complex was an artistic and financial success. The Cannery has remained a popular shopping attraction, particularly with tourists, and has become a prototype for urban shopping malls around the country.


San Francisco, CA

The Cannery, San Francisco, CA